What is Son-Rise?
The Son-Rise program has been voted the most effective autism therapy tool at the Autism One/Generation Rescue National Conference in Chicago 2011. The principles of Son-Rise in my opinion are nothing short of brilliant.
It is a therapy that is based on one on one play in a very low distraction environment (a specially created playroom). The individual motivations of the child are used to encourage and sustain interaction. The facilitator absolutely follows the child’s lead when the child is being exclusive and joins him/her in their repetitious activities, and when he/she gets green lights from the child (such as a look, touch, etc) the facilitator then will initiate a game. Leaving it up to the child to train their desire to “want” to interact, is why this is one of the most effective therapies in the long run, even if it takes patience and perseverance. Simply teaching a list of skills, doesn’t teach a child how to WANT to interact. With the Son-Rise program you teach a child that interacting with others is fun and desirable.
It kind of works like Neuro-Feedback. The principle is that you respond with excitement, enthusiasm, and energy to the things you want him/her to learn do. You celebrate every tiny effort. And when he does something that doesn’t serve him well (like screaming at you, or kicking or biting) you slow down your reaction to a clueless/useless but loving response. By consistently doing this, new passageways in the brain are created. In fact by using energy, excitement and enthusiasm chemicals in the brain are released in response that grow brain cells. (I have to look up to the reference to that in Dr. Daniel Amen’s Book Magnificent Mind at any age.)

Here are some of the techniques the Son-Rise program uses, as explained by the awesome Son-Rise staff.  I strongly suggest you just browse their account on youtube as they have so many videos. I can’t possibly put them all up. Another absolute blessing and treasure trove of ideas is their blog where the facilitators and trainers post videos and ideas on specific challenges. Check it out!




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