If you have a family member with autism, this page is for you! I sincerely wish that you will find in the stories and videos below something more precious, life-altering, and life-saving than any medical advice you’ve ever gotten concerning your loved one with autism: hope! These stories, this whole site is about “hope”.  When we had our son Ezra, autism was just an obscure thing that happened to friends and strangers, not to us. Then when he turned one we started suspecting something was different about him, as he would never react to his name. A year and a half later he was diagnosed with autism. How to describe in a few words what having a child with autism has meant to us, and how it has forever altered the course of our lives?! The non-stop demands, the crying, the tantrums, the feeding issues, expensive and ineffective diets, medical treatments, therapies, the blame from other parents and uncaring doctors, judgmental looks, the shame, the desperation, the insanity, the marital strain can’t even begin to sum up how draining life can be for a parent. And then for the child, the onslaught of undecipherable sensory input, a body that is constantly in pain or discomfort, wanting to eat only the things that make you sicker, because everything else tastes or feels yucky, seeing what you want but not knowing how to articulate it, trying your best to do what’s expected of you and seeing your parents despair and get frustrated, knowing you are different and wanting to fit in, but not knowing how, trying to understand the world. And every single program out there just promises hard work, with potential results, but not recovery. The Son-Rise program however offered one thing, that most others didn’t. Hope, and vision that he can recover, and acceptance and joy even if he doesn’t! It is hope regardless of outcome! The Son-Rise program is a program as much for the parent as it is for the child. In this blog we detail our journey with Ezra to what we believe will eventually result in his full recovery.  But autism can’t be cured! We hear that a lot. We will try nonetheless. Perhaps it can’t be cured. But PEOPLE CAN RECOVER FROM AUTISM. We personally know some who have.

The SON-RISE story, short version.

In the first video below you will see Raun Kaufman. His parents are the ones who created the Son-Rise program. When Raun was a little boy he was diagnosed with autism. The doctors estimated his IQ at 35, and told his parents Bears and Samahria that he would never be able to do anything for himself, and that they should institutionalize him. Unsatisfied with the limited treatment options available at the time, they created a special program for Raun. They noticed that noise and movement really bothered him, so they took him in to a quiet bathroom, where he didn’t feel so overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimuli on his senses. They started joining him in his world, accepting that he was doing the best he could. This is what has become of that boy. See for yourself. I’ve met him in person, and he is outgoing, humorous, and very agreeable.


In the next three videos you will see one of the most remarkable transformations. Raun’s sister Bryn adopted a girl who turned out to be autistic. They ran her Son-Rise program for 5 years which is longer than most, and now she is just an amazing teenager. Bryn was our trainer at the Start Up program. She is unbelievably funny.

For more recovery stories see the bottom of the page for videos, check out the Son-Rise website, or like it on facebook for uplifting stories of people’s lives that have changed.

Ezra has a beautiful spirit that is trapped in his own world. We have seen so many remarkable changes since we started the Son-Rise program. When we started 18 months ago, he rarely related, didn’t ask or answer any questions, wouldn’t speak in more than 1-2 word sentences, and only when he needed something. Now we have a bubbling boy, who relishes in his use of language and is even learning a second language. We still have a long way to go to full recovery. Our mission is to recover him completely from autism and open up the world of opportunities to him. We believe that with the Son-Rise program, biomedical interventions, and your help, we can accomplish our goal.

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