PLEASE NOTE:  All Donations go through (website coming soon) a non-profit corporation we set up to help parents of special kids raise money and receive donations while providing tax benefits for those that give. HURRAY! You get tax benefits from helping!



Every little bit helps. Send a check to: 17633 N. Gunn Hwy #111 Odessa, FL 33556 or use the donate button at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the button below you will be making a donation to us via paypal. You may be asked to login if you have an account, but that is not strictly necessary.

2. Organize a fund-raising event in your location

It can be from a full blown auction to a bake sale. AGAIN, any amount helps. The idea is to have 1-3 different types of fundraisers that are “plug and play.”  You say you want to do it and we send you all the necessary things.  One example of such a thing would be to take orders for some kind of product from friends and family, and then the product, of whatever sort is sent to you and you deliver it.  This guarantees no financial risk on your part.  We are brainstorming the products to use for this.  Another example would be a Walk/Run/Bike/Your-special-talent-displayed For Ezra event.  Taking pledges for miles or completion of an event.  If you have input or have a desire to hold such an event please contact us. Click here for more clever ideas on fundraisers you could hold.

3. Talk to friends, acquaintances, family members, spread the word

If for example you work for a large corporation and know they donate money to charities each year for tax purposes, mention us. Direct people from your email inbox to this website


Let’s face it. It’s expensive to run an intensive therapy program. In fact, it’s expensive to be anything but in pristine health. The home therapy program is actually one of the cheapest means to educate your child. A full time 40 hour intervention autism school costs $60,000 a year. Occupational and Speech therapy are only covered to a small extent by health insurance, and that adds up to about $1200 a month. With this program we forgo all that, and a regular school, but then we are responsible for buying materials that typical students usually get. Essentially we can’t cover it all on our own. So we’re asking for your help. This doesn’t have to be much. Just think that the movie AVATAR made hundreds of billions of dollars by lots of people buying an $8 movie ticket (or in my case 2 tickets, because I liked it so much). Don’t underestimate how big a difference a little can make (although if you are in a position to be generous, we certainly appreciate it).