Come Play

Why work in the Son-Rise program?

This experience is unlike anything else. Here is what people have said after spending time (years in this case) helping recover a severely autistic girl.

Here is what Ezra’s Previous volunteers have learned through working with him:

JORI (21, Student Humanities)

Working with Ezra has been such a great experience. I’ve learned so much about helping children with autism, and I feel that it will be something that can bless my life in the future. By far the best part was being able to bond with Ezra and see the progress that he made throughout using the program. It was great to know that all of the time spent with him was actually helping him.

BILL (74, retired)

Ezra has brought out in me much deeper empathy and the joy of being myself.  i.e. he is so empathetic and it just reinforces me also.  As to the joy, it is wonderful to just let go and be the little child I was as I join in playing with him, the joy of seeing him progress.

HELEN (69, retired)

Ezra loves life.  He is exuberant and enthralled with simple involvement.  He teaches me to feel the pleasure and presence of the moment.  No thought of the past, none for the future, but just this present, sharing moment together.

AARON (36, PHD student and dad of Ezra)

Working with Ezra is amazing because I can drop all (well most) of the “shoulds” from our interaction and time together and we just play and enjoy each other.  I learn more about all the best parts of being a child by being with him.  The beauty in simple things, laughing at something silly, and creating a game out of almost anything.  I’ve traveled for work a few times lately and skype with Ezra from my hotel room.  So now in the playroom we have a game where we get on the airplane, fly somewhere, take an elevator and then go to the hotel and sit on the bed and sleep. A game about being in a hotel, I certainly wouldn’t have thought about that by myself.  He’s amazing.

Marco (23, Physics Teacher)

Time is love, not money. There is no better investment than in a human being and I love to see Ezra progress as he does monthly. HE teaches us to be patient, loving and empathetic. He is our blessing instead of we are his!