No school in sight!

I had another meeting yesterday with the person from the municipality responsible for finding Ezra a school, and a MEE worker. MEE is an organization who is there to help parents find the help they need for their children. Last Monday Ezra had another IQ test done. We are still waiting on the results. This one was done in English. He was in the testing room for two hours. He had to take a break and play for a while, but he made it through it in amazing form. The woman administering the test, had no idea how miraculous it was for him to sit still for two hours and just work. He has ADHD and autism, so sitting still is a challenge in and of itself. When I have some more time I’ll write a blog post about the uselessness of standardized IQ tests for autistic children, but for now I’ll leave the topic.
Either way the outcome of the meeting was that there is no school for Ezra now, and if the Rungraaf (that special needs school) doesn’t feel like they want to take him or can help him, then there is nothing we can do to force them. So essentially I’m coming up blank here. There is another International school in Brunssum, which perhaps could admit him if he had an IEP and if we could manage to scrape up 18,400 euros somehow. We can’t pay that ourselves, as we barely make ends meet as it is. I don’t really know what to do from here on. I’ll take suggestions if you have them.

3 thoughts on “No school in sight!

  1. Have you seen “stoute schoenen”? They do have a son-rise day-programm. But I don’t know if it’s in English too.

  2. Would love to help you out myself, but don’t have enough time to do so. BTW: my son is called Ezra too. Great name :-)

  3. Hi Vanessa,

    How I love your blog! It’s so nice to see that you have loads of information about son-rise including a lot of clips. I thought you might like a new one to add to your collection. It is about Patrick who’s fully recovered from his autism through his son-rise program and the mom tells how she made the steps together with her son. Really inspiring, hope you enjoy,


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