April update

Has another month really passed since my last post?
Perhaps I’ll update the site more with little achievements so that you don’t have to read an entire chapter every time you log on. I’ll spare you the flowery language. Here it is. I don’t want to call it good or bad, so I’ll let you decide what you make of it.

April 9: Ezra is going through a really exclusive phase. He is screaming a lot again. He is very aggressive, hurts Micah, is inflexible, and exclusive. He is so hyperactive that his attention span has shrunk back down from 10 minutes to 5 seconds. He has however retained his ability to speak in sentences. I have five possible reasons for this development.

  1. Lack of protein in his diet which exacerbates his ADHD (he used to get eggs for breakfast) and possibly stronger reaction to nitrites and fats in the Salami he has been eating.
  2. Lack of time in the playroom because volunteers cancel
  3. Stressful environment and lack of sleep
  4. Normal part of his growth which goes two steps forward and one and a half steps back
  5. Who the heck knows. I don’t. Could be anything really

April 8: We have only two volunteers. One of them will quit by summer (because her mandatory volunteer hours from school are up), and the other one will do an internship and will also be gone, so as of now we have no volunteers for 2 months from now.

April 4: Our re-application for PGB was approved and we will now get a small amount of PGB for a year. If I can find people to work for 10 Euros an hour then I could possibly run a full time program. At the meeting Ezra for the first time uttered an appropriate goodbye, shook a hand that was extended to him while looking into that person’s eyes.

March 24: At a meeting with all the school boards and psychologists they determined they couldn’t find a school for him here because he fits no category. They determined to meet again some other time in a month or two when they have thought about it.

March 23: Their blood tests for food intolerances showed that between Micah and Ezra there isĀ  little left they WILL eat. They could eat meat,vegetables, and selected fruits, but Ezra is extremely exclusive and inflexible right now, and has reverted to screaming, throwing food, and can’t sit at the table for more than 2 min without jumping up, going outside, and bouncing around. I need to meet with a dietitian to figure out what I can give them so they have adequate nutrition. They have to avoid gluten, casein, buckwheat, eggs, nuts, vanilla, and coconut for 12 weeks (Micah white potatoes, Ezra brown rice). Ezra also has to avoid all acidic fruits. They can still eat corn…for now.

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