Wrap up from the Intensive

The intensive is now two weeks behind us. With it being Christmas season right now, I have been too busy to work out all the video footage we have. Eventually (sooner hopefully than later), I want to make a little documentary about our time there. How much I wish we were back in that simple apartment free of distractions with an entire staff to support our journey with Ezra. The bottom line is that Ezra was amazing during that time. Having him in the playroom for eight hours a day not only showed us how many challenges he really has, but how much he is capable of, and how valuable the Son-Rise program is in assisting him in his recovery. We learned so much from watching the staff play with him. Coming to the intensive was really necessary for us. Honestly I’m not sure how you can run an effective program without going. They helped us really assess where Ezra is, gave us a clear plan of how to proceed, and what to work on, but most importantly they helped us with our own challenges as a couple, as individuals, and as parents. The option process which is sort of the heart of the Son-Rise program is useful not only for playroom application but for every day life. We really worked through several of our difficulties. Rather than writing all my insights up again, I’ll refer you to my other blog in which I discuss what helped us most. I hope it is helpful to you in some way.

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