Trip to US and the first day at the Son-Rise Intensive

What a full day we’ve had! Daddy and Ezra are taking a walk in the crisp night air, while I’m at the laptop, using the last bit of energy I can muster to write this post. Ezra was like a little traveling superstar yesterday. We left our home in the Netherlands at 6:30 am. Ezra had been up since 4:30. We arrived in Brussels two hours before our flight, and just barely made it on to the plane because of the long check in lines, passport control and then security control. By the time we were in the passport line we finally got smart and stood in the handicapped line, which moved us through much quicker. I was amused to see some people with guilty looks and smirks on their faces move through the handicapped lane. I did however get the new and enhanced “full pat down”. It wasn’t nearly as invasive as I’ve heard some people say, but perhaps that is because with an autistic child and a performing business background I have a much higher tolerance for invaded personal space. Once again, I really doubt that this enhanced pat down would reveal much more than a trained K9 could sniff out. Put the money into the dogs please, crazy American government! They’re more effective in detecting explosives, and much faster and fiercer in chasing down suspects trying to escape. And we could be helping so many animals in the shelters! Anyway, best not open that can of worms.

The plane ride was relatively smooth. Ezra got restless, but aside a couple of screams, false calls to the flight attendant, playing with the toilet doors, and us having to remind him every 2 minutes to keep his seat belt on, the plane ride was very smooth. We landed in Newark around midday and were greeted by the most amazing blue sky. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing blue skies are after the Netherlands. We ran into a little bit of trouble with immigration because Ezra’s American passport had expired a month ago. I had taken along his Swiss passport because that one was still valid, however unbeknownst to be it lacked the chip that US immigration requires. They escorted us down to an additional screening area where we were essentially given a warning like: well that was naughty of you not to renew the passport. Pay better attention next time, but you’re good to go. I was most amused by the sign on the desks that read “soft, second screening”. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. I don’t want to know what the next sign would read: “third trial through terror” closely followed by “fourth, final, and fatal if failed screening”.

We picked up our rental car and had a great time driving up to White Plains, because it was such nice weather, and there is so much air traffic between New York and Newark. Ezra stayed alert and excited at seeing so many airplanes and helicopters. We stopped at a mall and took advantage of some of the great salesn right after Thanksgiving weekend, had lunch at Applebees, and just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting free refills on drinks, and friendly customer service. It’s the little things really!

I was certain that Ezra would fall asleep in the car, but he kept himself alert and awake the entire trip. We arrived at the Autism Treatment Center at 7 pm. Ezra had fallen asleep only 15 minutes earlier. We acquainted him with our apartment for the week and went to bed at around 7:30pm. At this point Ezra had been up for almost 20 hours, with no real problems. Such a trooper. Unfortunately he woke up at 2 am, and didn’t go back to sleep, so that is why I’m so tired right now, because I was up with him.

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